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Building a text adjacency graph from product reviews with the Best Buy API

Finding real world text datasets to analyze can make playing around with NLP tasks much more interesting. This quick post shows how to build a word adjacency graph in Neo4j using product reviews from the Best Buy API.

Crawling APIs Using Neo4j - Building The Star Wars Graph

A common task when working with data from APIs is crawling the API and inserting the results in a database. In this example we'll import data into Neo4j by crawling a public API, building a graph in Neo4j as we go along. We'll use Neo4j as a queuing mechanism to store URLs for placeholder resources waiting to be fetched.

Congressional PageRank - Analyzing US Congress With Neo4j and Apache Spark

This post shows how we can apply graph analytics to US Congressional data to find influential legislators in Congress. Using the Mazerunner open source graph analytics project we are able to use Apache Spark GraphX alongside Neo4j to run the PageRank algorithm on a collaboration graph of US Congress.

Introducing legis-graph - US Congressional Data With Govtrack and Neo4j

Interactions among members of any large organization are naturally a graph, yet the tools we use to analyze data about these organizations often ignore the graphiness of the data and instead map the data into structures (such as relational databases) that make taking advantage of the relationships in the data much more difficult when it comes time to analyze the data. Collaboration networks are a perfect example. So let's focus on one of the most powerful collaboration networks in the world, the US Congress.

Natural Language Processing With Neo4j - Mining Paradigmatic Word Associations

Discovering paradigmatic word associations is one of the core tasks of Natural Language Processing. In this post we explore a graph based method for mining paradigmatic word associations from a text corpus.