Boulder StartupWeek 2014

I had the opportunity to spend the last week in Boulder, CO for Boulder StartupWeek. StartupWeek is a week long event highlighting the startup and tech scene of a communty. It started in Boulder, but is now spreading. I wanted to share my experience and any takeways. My notes were somewhat incomplete; apologies for all errors and omissions. Monday…

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Mapping The World's Airports With Neo4j Spatial And OpenFlights - Part 1

Neo4j Spatial Browser

When I was taking flight lessons, I learned that the maximum range of a Cessna-172 is about 1000km. Knowing this, can we find a path across the globe where each airport in the path is within the range of a Cessna 172? Let's use Neo4j Spatial to try to answer this question! This blog post will focus on loading data from into Neo4j a…

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Building a tweet ranking web app using Neo4j

Twizzard mobile screnshot

I spent this past weekend hunkered down in the basement of the local Elk's club, working on a project for a hackathon. The project was a tweet ranking web application. The idea was to build a web app that would allow users to login with their Twitter account and view a modified version of their Twitter timeline that shows them tweets ranked by imp…

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Reflections on StartupWeekend Missoula 2013

This past weekend I spent 54 hours with some great developers, designers and business people at Startup Weekend Missoula 2013 (SWM2013). For those who don't know, Startup Weekend is a 54 hour event (Friday evening to Sunday evening) "where developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form …

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New website and switch to Django

This is my first blog post at my new website has been shuttered. The overall design of my new site is very similar - the only real change is under the hood. I chose to switch to Django (from web2py) for my web projects. And that's what I'd like to talk about today - my impressions of web2py vs. Django. Both are excellent…

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