Startup Chile Week 1

Santiago, Chile

It's been one week since I arrived in Santiago, Chile to participate in Startup Chile as cofounder of Datamaglia. Startup Chile was created four years ago as an economic stimulus experiment to boost entrepreneurism in Chile. The program provides a ~$33,000 grant and a one year temporary resident visa to startups to come work in Chile for six month…

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Notes From GraphConnect 2014

Graph connect stage photo

GraphConnect 2014 - San Francisco GraphConnect is Neo Technology's annual Graph Database conference. Many of the talks highlight Neo4j use-cases, but many of the concepts are applicable to graph data modeling and graph databases in general. Advanced Cypher training class The day before the conference I was able to take the Advanced Cypher training…

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Boulder StartupWeek 2014

I had the opportunity to spend the last week in Boulder, CO for Boulder StartupWeek. StartupWeek is a week long event highlighting the startup and tech scene of a communty. It started in Boulder, but is now spreading. I wanted to share my experience and any takeways. My notes were somewhat incomplete; apologies for all errors and omissions. Monday…

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Mapping The World's Airports With Neo4j Spatial And OpenFlights - Part 1

Neo4j Spatial Browser

When I was taking flight lessons, I learned that the maximum range of a Cessna-172 is about 1000km. Knowing this, can we find a path across the globe where each airport in the path is within the range of a Cessna 172? Let's use Neo4j Spatial to try to answer this question! This blog post will focus on loading data from into Neo4j a…

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Building a tweet ranking web app using Neo4j

Twizzard mobile screnshot

I spent this past weekend hunkered down in the basement of the local Elk's club, working on a project for a hackathon. The project was a tweet ranking web application. The idea was to build a web app that would allow users to login with their Twitter account and view a modified version of their Twitter timeline that shows them tweets ranked by imp…

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