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Combining The BuzzFeed Trumpworld Graph with Government Contracting Data in Neo4j

One of the powers of working with graph databases is the ability to combine disparate datasets and query across them. Today we'll look at how we can combine the BuzzFeed Trumpworld graph with data about federal government contracts from USASpending.gov, allowing us to examine any government contracts that were awarded to organizations that appear in Trumpworld.

Using Neo4j Spatial Procedures in legis-graph-spatial

Updating legis-graph-spatial to make use of the new spatial procedures in Neo4j 3.0 and the official Neo4j Javascript driver. Procedures provide a new API for interacting with the Neo4j spatial extension and are callable from Cypher.

Analyzing the Graph of Thrones

Using graphs to analyze character interactions in the popular Game of Thrones series. Social network analysis with Neo4j.

Adding Geospatial Indexing to legis-graph With Neo4j and Mapbox

Adding geospatial indexing and map visualizations to legis-graph

Building a text adjacency graph from product reviews with the Best Buy API

Finding real world text datasets to analyze can make playing around with NLP tasks much more interesting. This quick post shows how to build a word adjacency graph in Neo4j using product reviews from the Best Buy API.