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Natural Language Processing With Neo4j - Mining Paradigmatic Word Associations

Discovering paradigmatic word associations is one of the core tasks of Natural Language Processing. In this post we explore a graph based method for mining paradigmatic word associations from a text corpus.

Content Recommendation From Links Shared on Twitter Using Neo4j and Python

Using article links shared on Twitter to determine a user's interests, we show how to build a personalized content recommender system to suggest other articles the user might be interested in.

Using Neo4j Spatial and Mapbox to search for businesses by location

We show how to load data from the Yelp Academic Dataset into Neo4j, then build a webapp to perform geospatial queries on the data and visualize the results on a map.

Startup Chile Week 1

What have I been doing in Santiago Chile as part of Startup Chile? I share some of my experiences from Startup Chile Generation 11.

Notes From GraphConnect 2014

GraphConnect is an annual conference for graph database enthusiasts. These are my notes from GraphConnect 2014 in San Francisco.